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Water Based Bentonite BP-188L

  The BP-188L water based Bentonite is the nature aluminosillicate Rheological Additive.
The BP-188L water based Bentonite is the nature aluminosillicate Rheological Additive.Which are chiefly composed of high purified montmorillonite.The main characteristics
of the product are as below:
(1) Strong thixotropy:low viscosity with high speed shearing,high viscosity with low speed shearing,high thixotropy index
(2)Wild PH value applicable range(PH6-12),easily to disperse,do not require Pre-gel and polarity activator
(3)Weather resistant:It has good anticorrosion and denaturalization ability and stable viscosity in different temperature.
(4) Stability:perfect biochemistry stability,good heat endurance.
Technical specificity:
1.Appearance: white free flowing power
2. Volatile content (2hr.105℃):≤10%
3. Granularity(over 0.076mm):≥95%
4.PH value(2% water base solution):8.5~10.5
Product main application
Different latex paints,water base paints,wate base ink and nano
-materials etc.
Operation method:
Add the product into water and move it to the dispersing machine ahead of other components.Realize complete dispersing after mixing with high-speed shearing for 10-20 minutes.another way of application is to prepare 3~6% gel and add the prepared gel into the system.If the gel is made in low-speed shearing,keep the gel in stable condition for 12 hours to prevent  post-thickening.
Packaging and Storage:
Brown paper packages plus internal polyethylene film bags,or paper packages with valve mouths are used.the weight of each package is generally 25±0.25kg according to customer demands.