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BP-660  Bentonite
BP-660 is a natural aluminosilicate thickening bentonite agent, the main component is the hydrophilic high-purity special modified montmorillonite, it could replace BentoneLT.
☆ Thixotropy: It is a high thixotropic product. High shear and low viscosity, low shear and high viscosity. It can replace traditional cellulose ether thickening agent.
☆ Suites to wide PH range(PH 6-12). Easy to use. It can be added as dry powder directly without activation.
☆ Good corrosion resistance and stable viscosity in different temperatures.Good bio-stability and heat resistance.
☆ Compared with the organic polymer thickener, not likely to flocculate and float.
☆ Has apparent level limitation.Viscosity increases dramatically when exceeds certain amount.
Color/Form:White powder Water-based industrial paint
Fineness through 0.075mm:≥98% Water-based anti-corrosion paint
Moisture(@105℃,2hrs):≤10.0% Water-based ink
2% Aqueous gel viscosity 60r(24h),cp:≥1500 Nano-materials
PH value(2%suspension ):7.0-8.5  
BP-660 can be added to the water at the beginning of the dispersion, and it should be added before other components. Dispersing at high speed shear for 10-20minutes. It can also be made into 1% to 2% pregel and then added to the system in the form of pregel. If the pregel is made at low shear, it should be allowed to stand for 12 hours to prevent post-thickening.