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Rheology Modifier BP-500A-HG

  BP-500A-HG is High efficiency Rheology Modifier, It’s with perfect thickening ability, anti-sediment ability and anti-sag ability.
BP-500A-HG is High efficiency Rheology modifier, It’s made from natural bentonite. the accommodation is wide,perfect thickening ability, anti-sediment ability and sag prevention when it is used in organic solvent. It has specially excellent anti-sagging ability.

Range of application:
It’s wide used to Container coatings, automobile primer, steelwork coatings, exterior architectural coatings, appliance and metal furniture primer and topcoat. Ink,and Cosmetics. Solvent materials such as mineral oils, vegetable oils, petroleum distillates, and cyclomethicones.

Technical specificity:
1.Appearance: Light cream powder
2. Moisture (2hr.105℃):≤3.50%
3. Granularity(over 0.076mm):≥99%
4. Lossing (1000℃): ≤40%
5. Specific Gravity(g/cm3)    1.7

Operation method:
Adding amount for coatings and ink is 0.2~2.0%, Adding amount for grease is 8~18%.For the resins of low wettability, such as epoxy resin, polyester resin, acrylic resin, short-oil alkyd, BP-500A-HG Rheology Modifer is suggested to make pre-gel.

It is convenient to add the BP-500A-HG Rheology Modifer directly in powder when it is used in resins of high wettability.

1. When surface active agent is needed to disperse pigment, the  additions are as follows:
a. Add solvent and medium, and mix   
b. Add BP-500A-HG organoclay in powder and mix for 10 minutes
c. Add polar activator and mix for 5-10 minutes
d. Add surface active agent.
2. For the resins of  low wettability ,the addition orders are as follow:
a. Add solvent or solvent mixture
b. Add BP-500A-HG organocla powder and mix for 10 minutes
c. Add polar activator and mix for 5-10 minutes
d. Add resin and mix
e. Add surface active agent
f. Add pigment and disperse 

Packaging and Storage:
Brown paper packages plus internal polyethylene film bags,or paper packages with valve mouths are used.The weight of each package is generally 25±0.25 kg, according to customer demands